Friday, 21 June 2019

Alicia Cameron - Felicity and the Damaged Reputation Review

I have just finished the Alicia Cameron book Felicity and the Damaged Reputation. A beautiful fast-paced book, Alicia Cameron's books increasingly remind me of Georgette Heyer. This one has a distinct feel of Arabella about it. A poor beautiful kind girl about town and a rich distinguished suitor. The book has some lovely characters and stays genuine to many regency details including a Bow Street Runner with their typical rough language, mention of Gothic romances, tyrant eccentric old relative, etc etc.

After having a read a few of Cameron's books, I would like to read them again. They are fun, the heroes elegant and the plots are reasonable and fast.

How to Tie the Cravat - Regency Cravats

Anyone who has followed Georgette Heyer knows how important it is to tie the cravat properly to be considered a Corinthian. Some common cravat names ones come across are the Waterfall, the Mathematical, both considered to be quite complicated. A small search on pinterest revealed quite a bit of nice information on cravats and cravat tying.

 Cravat tying was considered an art. A valet would be handing out ironed and starched linens to the master before he makes the perfectly tied cravat, as depicted in many books. The most fastidious could use up as many as 10 -12 sets of cravats before getting to the perfectly tied one.
How different from the simple, humble and boring neck ties we have these days. And oh yes. A gentleman tied his own cravats. It was not the job of a valet.

The Neckclothithania has some delicious information regarding Cravats. Published in 1818 it shows the many styles. Though 1818 is strictly not Regency era. The Mail Coach and the Mathematical are the popular ones that find mention in many romance books of that era.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Loretta Chase - English Witch

Like all Loretta Chase novels the English Witch doesn't disappoint. I had got both the Viscount Vagabond and the English Witch together. After the delicious perusing of Viscount Vagabond - English Witch didn't disappoint me.

 Alexandra Ashmore is the English Witch. So called because she bewitched every eligible, honorable or dishonorable young bachelor who came her way in far flung Albania. The daughter of noted traveller Sir Charles Ashmore, Alexandra finds herself betrothed to Randolph Burnham, her father's travel partner and fellow historian, against her wishes. As Alexandra well knew, Randolph's 'beloved family existed in the remnants on ancient times'!

Then Alexandra gets kidnapped by a besotted Albanian beau and hero Basil Trevelyan literally rides in out of the blue to rescue her on his mount.

The story of Basil and Alexandra is supported by a host of well etched characters including an eloping Duke, interfering family and house parties in the true spirit of English ton and in a traditional regency setting.

Hotness Quotient - 3/5
Good Read Quotient - 4.5/5

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Viscount Breckenbridge To The Rescue! Cynster Sister Novel

Viscount Breckenbridge found himself pursuing kidnappers as he just went outside the door to see off Hester Cynster! Is it for real? Who who would want to kidnap Hester?

Breckenbridge, the rake, found himself at Gretna Green with Hester Cynster with the Mysterious kidnapper somewhere in the background. Will he be able to rescue this Cynster sister before her kidnapper marries her over the smithy?

Hester Cynster was looking to step out of her dull social life. What she got was a bucketful of adventure! With Breckenbridge. Read this fast paced novel "Viscount Breckenbridge To The Rescue" - the first books of the Cynster Sisters Trilogy by Stephanie Laurens

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Liars Club # 2 – The Imposter - Kindle Download

 Is he an imposter?

The second book in the Liars series is all about Sir Thorogood. The intrepid cartoonist has taken London by storm – and does even more so when he arrives on the London social scene all dandy in purple velvet and puce.

The swaggering Sir Thorogood soon becomes the toast of London. But wait – is he for real? Clara Simpson, the demure widow has something to say about that. Meanwhile Sir Thorogood finds its not really too good attracting attention, if your life is in constant danger. Soon Sir Thorogood/ Clara Simpson/ Rose the Maid find themselves deep in a controversy against the Crown. Will she/they be able to prove their innocence?

This is the story of Dalton Montmorency as he takes over as Spymaster of the Liars Club and his entanglement with Clara Simpson. The book is fast paced, thrilling and delicious if one ignores a few glaring gaps in the storyline!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Celeste Bradley - the Pretender - Liar's Club #1

I am reading the Celeste Bradley Liars series now. These are my first Celeste Bradley books. I am a fan of romance books, nay regency romance books. And fan is too mild a word to describe my devotion to Regency Romance. I have to read one every day (well almost). And I like to finish an author, a series before moving onto the next one!

Celeste Bradley is my latest victim

I am onto my 4th Liars book now. Let me talk about the first one.

The first Liars book was about Simon and Agatha. Agatha is Simon's best friend James' sister but he doesn't know that. Why? Because James has been kidnapped. Simon assumes from the intensity of Agatha's search for James that she is his mistress...well the story follows.

I do find that Bradley's books have their fair amount of bloopers. But the characters are invariably interesting and spicy. They come with a well etched history and generally remain ..well character.

Alicia Cameron - Felicity and the Damaged Reputation Review

I have just finished the Alicia Cameron book Felicity and the Damaged Reputation. A beautiful fast-paced book, Alicia Cameron's books i...